Frequently Asked Questions


Online access to our ebook collection is available through the IOS Press Ebooks platform and the following vendors: NetLibrary, ebrary, MyiLibrary, Ebooks Corporation and Dawsonera.
We offer institutional access through IP verification and individual access through a username and password (pay-per-view). Libraries and consortia can take a subscription or Pick-and-Choose titles.
If you are logged in or your IP address is recognized, click on the My Access tab (top right).
Yes, once you are logged in with your username and password, or have access through IP verification, you can access your books and articles online, print them or download them to your computer.
The access rights of the individual user do not, in principle, expire. However, we do reserve the right to withdraw any item on IOS Press Ebooks from publication, for legal reasons or otherwise.
For the individual user there is a Terms of Use. Institutional access is also subject to the license agreement between the institution and IOS Press.

Libraries & consortsia

Institutional access at IOS Press Ebooks is arranged through IP verification. For the subscription terms please send your details and those of the series to Alternatively, go to the book series of your choice and click on 'Subscription info'.
No, we do not require a minimum turnover. The minimum quantity for institutional access is a single ebook. We do not provide institutional access to individual articles.
Access through username and password is limited to 1 user at any time. Institutional access through IP verification includes a multi-user, concurrent use license.
Yes, for institutional customers we can provide a COUNTER compliant usage report of the downloads.
No, we do not charge our subscribers or other customers annual fees.
MARC records for IOS Press ebooks are available from OCLC WorldCat. Download the OCLC control numbers.

Authors & individual customers

Authors are not entitled to free access to their articles at IOS Press Ebooks.
As an author contributing to an IOS Press publication, you retain the right to use your own article (provided you acknowledge the published original in standard bibliographic citation form) in the following ways, as long as you do not sell it in ways that would conflict directly with our efforts to disseminate it. 1. You are free to use your article for internal, educational or other purposes of your own institution or company; 2. You may use the article, in whole or in part, as the basis for your own further publications or spoken presentations; 3. You may mount the final version of your article published by IOS Press on your own, your institution's, company’s or funding agency’s website. The license for this last option costs €100, which includes the full text PDF file of the published version. To order a licensed author copy of an article, send an email to:
First register on the IOS Press Ebooks platform, if you have not yet done so. Navigate to the book or article of your choice and click on 'Add PDF to Cart' on the right hand side of the page. Please have your credit card ready for checkout. We accept American Express, VISA and MasterCard. Payment is arranged in a secure environment and access to the content will be activated straight away. After payment, please log in to the system again to see your access granted.
Please check that you have completed the payment process and are logged in. If you still cannot gain online access, please email the details of your transaction to our webmaster at:

Searching, browsing, linking

The search engine allows you to search for authors and editors, and for words in the titles of book series, books and articles.
We invite you to browse, free of charge, through the front matter, table of contents, author index or subject index, and abstracts. You can also browse by subject area.
The DOI is mentioned with the publication on the IOS Press Ebooks platform. If it is not mentioned the article has not (yet) been assigned a DOI.